Frequently Asked Questions

The transaction is declined if you try to redeem more than the value of the card, or if any of the redemption information is mistyped. Start the transaction over with the correct value and info. Last option is to check the card’s balance:

Yes, they are multi-use and the current balance is always reflected on the digital voucher. Yiftee will send monthly reminders for the first year and quarterly thereafter.

Yes refunds can be applied to a valid (unexpired) card just as a regular credit card.

No, unless you pre-authorize the amount with the tip included, since this is a prepaid card.

Please contact Tamara as you will need to re-run the activation card through your new system.

Yes, you can cancel at any time by emailing You will be removed from print and online marketing materials, and will no longer be able to process the e-Gift Cards.

Run the Gift Card for the remaining balance on the card, and ask the customer for a different form of payment to cover the rest of the transaction.