Support the Newark Gift Card

Contribute to the local economy with the Newark Gift Card by purchasing gift cards for employees/tenants/customers or sponsoring a special bonus to consumers to amplify the spending power of the Gift Card. Details below…

Employee Gifts/Buy in Bulk

Directly support local small businesses by gifting the Newark Gift Card. Recipients can decide where they can redeem and it can be used multiple times until funds are depleted. The gift cards can be sent instantaneously by email, text or printed for hand delivery. No apps are needed. Recipients receive monthly reminders to encourage usage.

Perks of gifting bulk quantities Newark Gift Card:

  • A minimum purchase of $1000 in gift cards *
  • It can be customized with corporate logo (over $2500)
  • Expiration date can be set and funds returned to be reused
  • Track usage and your economic impact with reports

(+ 5% fee for handling and administration and $1 fee per card issued)

Sales Incentives/Prizes/Contests

No more amazon/visa gift cards for prizes and incentives. Support the Newark ecosystem and gift the Newark Gift Card. Help infuse more spending dollars into the local economy. Gift cards can be bought in bulk or just a few paid by a credit card. You can email/text the recipient or print off and present to them.

Buy Cards for Others

Want to make an impact in the community… buy gift cards for those in need or special communities while also making an investment in the local economy of small businesses. Please contact us for details.