Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Newark Gift Card is a digital e-gift card. There are no plastic cards available. The card is available electronically or if you choose you can print it on a piece of paper.

You will receive two separate “cards” – one with the paid value and a separate card with the bonus dollars. Bonus Card funds expire 90 days from purchase. You can choose to send the bonus card to someone else or use it yourself.

Bonus Card will not be seen in your cart – you will see a pop-up prior to paying that makes note of that. You will get an email AFTER purchase with bonus card details.

Yes, as long as there is a remaining balance, the card may be used multiple times at any participating location until funds are depleted.

The card can be used at any location that has signed up to be in the program (there’s over 150). Additional businesses will be added every day. Also feel free to tell your favorite business that they should sign up!

Knowing the balance of your gift card makes it an easier process for the businesses. Check your balance here:

Yes – just as refunds would be applied to your credit card, they can also be applied to your gift card.

If your card is declined, it could be because:

  1. The information is entered into the POS incorrectly, try re-entering the information.
  2. The value on the card is less than what is trying to be redeemed. Have an additional payment form ready in this instance. Know the balance of your card for it to be redeemed for only the balance.
  3. Business owner needs to activate their POS system for the giftcard

The card purchaser pays an eDelivery fee to cover processing costs ($1 per card and 5% of the total value of the gift amount). The card recipient and business receive the full value of the card, providing maximum benefit to local businesses. Fees are currently waived thanks to the support of Prudential.