Get FREE Bonus Dollars

Thanks to the generous support of Prudential, you will get a 40% Bonus Gift Card with your purchase of a $25 gift card or more – available for a limited time. The Prudential sponsorship will also waive all gift card purchase fees for a limited time.

  • Buy a $25 Gift Card, Get a Bonus $10 Card
  • Buy a $50 Gift Card, Get a Bonus $20 Card
  • Buy a $100 Gift Card, Get a Bonus $40 Card
  • Buy a $250 Gift Card, Get a Bonus $100 Card

Cards purchased from Small Business Saturday through the end of the year will get bonus cards that expire on 1/30/22 (only the bonus dollars). After the new year, all bonus cards expire from 90 days of the purchase date.


How are Bonus Dollars Received?

You will receive two separate “cards” – one with the paid value and a separate card with the bonus dollars. Bonus Card purchased/received before Jan 3 expire on 1/30/22. Gift Cards purchased after Jan 4th expire 90 days from purchase. You can choose to send the bonus card to someone else or use it yourself.

I don’t see Bonus Card in my cart?

Bonus Card will not be seen in your cart – you will see a pop-up prior to paying that makes note of that. You will get an email AFTER purchase with bonus card details.

Does the Gift Card have an expiration?

There is no expiration on the paid value gift card. The bonus (Free) gift card expires on either January 30, 2022 or 90 days after purchase (see first FAQs above)